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We mentioned in the November newsletter the helpfulness of D-mannose and Copaiba Oil for some IC people. Since then, we’ve had some very helpful feedback from you, the customer, and we’ve discovered a large group that has had great results with the following products.

As a caveat we advise everyone, as always, to try these products SLOWLY and GRADUALLY just to make sure your entire system, not just your bladder, is happy with them, and of course this includes URelieved. With the following dosage, we recommend just taking half or even a quarter starting out. Also, you’ll notice that URelieved already has sodium bicarbonate in it, so in addition to taking extra baking soda, please watch this is you have high blood pressure or heart problems. As with all the below, always consult your doctor first before taking any supplements.


We were really happy to learn of some incredible results when some people have taken together the following:

  • URelieved Capsules (1-10 capsules/day)

  • Baking Soda (1tsp, 1-3 times/day in water)

  • D-mannose Powder (1tsp, 1-3 times/day in water)

  • Copaiba Oil (1-4 drops/day directly on the tongue or in water)

  • L-Arginine Powder (1 tsp/day in water, on empty stomach)

We are not making any promises here, but we did hear back from several people noticing a reduction in pain, frequency, and urgency with the above supplements. That is GREAT news! We celebrate this relief for these people, and we yearn for more to have such results or even similar ones. Unfortunately, this is not going to help all cases of IC, but we really wanted to share this information because it looks like it can help some cases!

As always, unless you follow an IC diet, your results will not be as good – so always watch out for CAFFEINE, ALCOHOL, CITRUS, GLUTEN, and SPICY foods.

Your #1 Goal: Keep that whole urinary system calm, clean, relaxed, and soothed. If you can get to this point, you can break the pain cycle, which in turn will start better healing of the bladder. The less irritated you can keep your bladder, the calmer everything is, the more healing is likely!

Short and Sweet; Some IC Defeats